Saturday 3 p.m. ~ The Lost Weekend

Saturday 3 p.m. ~ The Lost Weekend

My weekend abruptly ground to a halt when I tried to swap out a new DSL router–the same make and model, mind you, of the one that died Friday night. Two hours and four tech support calls later, we had Internet restored but nothing else got done that afternoon. Between this router, Aperture 3 and my new display calibration system, technology has not been kind to me these past few weeks.

(PS: Man, I really hate how Typepad’s only option when posting a photo directly from my iPhone is to post the photo HUGE in full size. It really keeps me from posting photos on the go directly to the blog because I hate hate hate how it looks. Ugh.)

Additional note: I stand corrected. I just learned Typepad’s most recent upgrade to their iPhone app increases the size options for posting photos directly to the blog, including the smaller (and for this blog’s format, more visually appealing) 400×300 resolution. Hurray!


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