Review: The Women

T.C. Boyle (2009)

I find T.C. Boyle a pleasure to read and his take on Frank Lloyd Wright’s personal life was no exception. Each of the four woman in this iconic architect’s life is given her own time in the spotlight: Kitty, Wright’s first wife and the mother of his six children, whom he abandoned in Oak Park for an affair with a client’s wife; Mamah, Wright’s soul mate who lived in scandal with Wright at Taliesin and was tragically murdered at his Wisconsin enclave; Miriam, a woman whose drug addiction fueled her romantic fantasies and neurotic jealousies about Wright; and Olgivanna, a dancer who was married to Wright until his death.

Boyle’s interpretation places Wright as a secondary character in his own story, a clever device that makes the mythic genius seem more human and interesting. While especially recommended to those with an interest in Wright’s life (the personal behind the professional) Boyle’s prose and dramatic storytelling make this a worthwhile read for all.


3 thoughts on “Review: The Women

  1. When you’re not banning it, that is…. He had a lot of wives, so Wright probably would have been fully accepted in Ky. He didn’t marry a cousin, by any chance?

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