Surgery Date Has Changed

Big Decisions Were Discussed Here

My surgery date has been pushed back one week to accommodate both surgeons' schedules. It gives me two weeks of breathing/preparation time between my return from the BVI's and my time in the hospital, which is fine by me. This means I'll no longer be celebrating Earth Day in an operating room. Instead, I'll go under the proverbial knife on April 30th.

6 thoughts on “Surgery Date Has Changed

  1. K: Let me add my voice to the many that are so distressed to hear of this latest development. Thank you, Kathryn, for being willing to share your steps through this journey–one which all too many of us will go through at some point. Here’s sending you all of the positive karma I can muster….You’re truly one of the good guys. xo, h.

  2. Hi Karen,
    I was disheartened to hear your news and hope for a positive outcome in the weeks to come. Your courage, humor and life confirming outlook in facing this disease is outstanding. It is an inspiration to anyone reading your blog and I think it is great that you are willing share your thoughts and feelings with everyone.

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