Operating Room Mix Tape

There is a soundtrack to my life and music is a very big part of it. Music, all kinds of it, elevates my mood, fuels my walk, energizes my life, and speaks to my soul. So, it was very natural for me to want to know what music, if any, would be playing in the operating room during my surgery. What soundtrack would be feeding my subconscious (or should I say unconscious) while I'm out on the table and the medical team is doing their thing all around (and in) me?

I was curious, so I asked, near the end of my meeting with my plastic surgeon. (I kicked myself for forgetting to ask my primary surgeon.) The plastic surgeon was a bit vague. She wouldn't commit any songs or artists, just mentioned that she likes to listen to mellow music and that the team usually plays something more upbeat to get them going for the closing (no pun intended.)

Karen (who was there when I asked the original question) took the idea and ran with it on a recent Facebook post and I'm doing the same here.

So, surgical mix tape ideas?

Everybody Hurts by REM, Bodysnatchers by Radiohead, Brickhouse by The Commodores, How We Operate by Gomez, Comfortably Numb by Scissor Sisters…

You get the idea. Go crazy.


One thought on “Operating Room Mix Tape

  1. This is really interesting! I never knew they listened to music in the operating room. I’ll have to ask my dad about that one. But I do think it’s a good idea; not just for the doctors, but for the patients.

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