Nothing Like Getting Cancer to Jump Start a Few Home Projects

I’ve been spending the past week preparing for my immediate life after surgery, doing things like straightening up my room and washing all the bed linen (including the bedspread and comforter.) I decided there was no better time than now to finally finish up a project I’ve been intending to get to for about two years now.

A while ago, I snapped and removed the folding door that had been on my closet. The door was doubly irritating–I was constantly wrestling with it and it was made of floor-to-ceiling mirrors, a lame attempt to make a small room seem bigger. Because of the way the room is set up, it meant that I could stare at myself in bed not to mention every time I’d leave the room or put something in the closet. It felt great the day I ripped the door down and chucked it out into the alley.

 I’d long intended to hang a curtain in place of the door and after a few years of staring at my open closet (preferable to staring at the mirror) I hit on the idea of hiding the closet behind a large swag of lace we’d previously used to cover the blinding fluorescent light that was the first thing to go when we remodeled the kitchen.

As I thought about being stuck in my room for a few days straight next week recuperating from surgery, it was enough to snap me into action and finally hang the closet curtain. Considering the rod and hooks cost me all of $18 from Target, I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. And just coincidentally, the pale sage color of the curtain perfectly matches with the sage on my bedspread, purchased about six years and independently apart. I love it when that happens.


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