The Healing Power of Bacon

Happy Bacon Thursday all!

A big thanks to Victoria for this. Somehow she thought of me when she saw it and I can think of no more appropriate recovery gift.

And the free prize inside? A cute puffy bacon sticker. Mine mine mine.


6 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Bacon

  1. Oh yes, bacon: the miracle worker. It never ceases to amaze me how great one can feel just by eating it; savoring its salty goodness on the palette while the soft texture of its oily, fatty bits glide effortlessly over the tongue with the hickory-smoked goodness delighting the nose. (Making myself very hungry right now – need to go warm up my lunch which is definitely not bacon!)
    My thoughts will be with you tomorrow, K. Everything is going to be wonderful, but I am sure you already know this! 🙂 I’m glad you will have your good friend with you; that helps so much!

  2. Holzkopf’s, purveyors of all that is good, told me that one of his bacon suppliers brought him a sample of cinnamon bacon. Said it was great – he cooked it up with French toast. Hope he’ll start carrying it!

  3. Teresa — Thanks, on all counts!
    Karen — Fingers crossed that they get some of that there cinnamon bacon. It sounds like a winner to me.
    Kirsty — Thanks so much. I will.

  4. An update on the cinnamon bacon – our friendly butcher Mark tells me that the Dreymiller & Kray guy is coming by Holzkopf next week to price the cinnamon bacon. I feel like I should treat this as I would a rock concert in college, and start camping out on the sidewalk now…

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