Of Drains and Pains

From Regina & John

I had my first post-surgical doctor’s appointment with the plastic surgeon this afternoon. I was counting down the minutes until I could get over there and have Dr. D release me from the three drains that have been hanging off me since I left the hospital. They weren’t painful, just uncomfortable. The pain, I can deal with. The plastic mini-grenades with the tubing leading from me had to go. Now that they’ve been removed, I feel 100 times better. More like myself. I’ll feel even better tomorrow when I can finally take a shower. ‘Nuff said.

The pain is nothing like I expected it to be and I mention this only because this was one of my greatest fears. So far, so okay. I’d barely even call it pain, more like prickly discomfort. I describe it as a warm, burning sensation. When the nerves start to tingle, I know it’s time for another pain pill.

I’m looking forward to kicking them for good after the weekend and getting back to my painkiller of choice, a tasty craft beer with friends. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Of Drains and Pains

  1. Great news on the path report and I’m glad that the drains were able to be removed so quickly! Your support team must be doing a great job pampering you….

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