One Week

Edible flowers from Jen.

I can't believe it was a week ago today that I was under the knife. It flew by. Surprisingly fast.

Today was another quiet day spent resting at home. My energy is still good, but not as strong as at the beginning of the week. I think the first few days, adrenalin had a lot to do with it. Plus, I've been moving around a fair amount, up and down the stairs. Yesterday, I took my first jaunt out into the world, a quick shopping trip to the Whole Foods. I felt like a little old lady when I had to ask the bagger to lift my bag into the cart. But I'm being good, backing off and not doing too much in the way of lifting, reaching or extending.

I'm doing my best to keep in mind that for a while, high energy days may be followed by low energy days and I can't see them as a set-back. Just a recharging. 

This afternoon I spoke to JD for the second time since I've been out of the hospital. For a three-year-old, she has mastered the art of phone conversation. She was jabbering on and on about all the things she's doing and asking me questions. All at top volume. "FEEL BETTER KATA!" It was so damn cute and it nearly killed me holding in the laughter. I loved hearing her voice.

Tonight, I'll make my first big outing, a dinner gathering with the entire team for sushi at Indie Cafe. I haven't really been craving much of anything, but sushi did sound good. Plus, we have reason to celebrate. Jan will be leaving us after today and Jesse soon heads back to Minnesota, having finished his first year of college. So, we'll all gather together over plates of sushi and Thai food.

I'll be sorry to see Jan go. She's been an amazing help, making meals, doing small chores around the house, and reaching things for me that are out of range. Most of all, she's been a great companion. Being stuck at home with a limited range of motion would have been pretty miserable without her. We chatted, read, sat outside in the sun, and just enjoyed each other's company. Having her here turned this week into a joy, a time full of positive memories and very little pain.


3 thoughts on “One Week

  1. Thanks for the high five. It was a joy to be with you- five stsrs for the perfect patient–and I know when I’m not needed any more. You are definitely on your way.

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