Bacon Thursday: Bacon Ice Cream!

Happy Bacon Thursday everyone! And have I got a treat for you.

Actually, it’s for me, but I absolutely had to share. Allow me to present the ultimate in sweet-meets-salty:

Maple Brown Sugar Bacon Brittle Frozen Custard!!!!

How awesome is that?! My friend Victoria, a culinary master with a creative streak a mile wide, created a specialty ice cream treat for me based on my love of bacon. I have to say, it’s probably one of the oddest things I’ve ever eaten and I had to laugh as I took the first few bites, because there’s REAL BACON in the ice cream!! But I also have to say, it’s really good. And complex. There are lots of different flavors and you taste them all in turn with each bite.

I shouldn’t be surprised though. I mean, what’s not to like, right? Maple? Oh yeah, show me a box of maple candy and I’ll show you an empty box. Brown sugar? Everything’s better with brown sugar. Bacon? Hell yeah.

This ice cream (I guess it’s technically frozen custard, but I’ll keep calling it ice cream because it tastes just like premium ice cream) is terrific. Creamy and delicious, full of real maple flavor; that alone would be worth sitting down and devouring the entire pint. But the bacon brittle is the star of the show here.

If you look at it and think, there’s meat in that ice cream, you might
not get any further, but trust me, it’s good. Bacon brittle is the perfect description. The bacon bits are crispy and hard like candy and as the ice cream melts in your mouth, the bacon gets chewy like caramel. As the maple flavor that hits you in the beginning of each bite gives way, you really taste the bacon. And it’s good. This is rich stuff, as you can imagine bacon in cream would be–a little goes a long way.

This Creamotherapy takes Bacon Thursday to a whole new level. Victoria, I can’t thank you enough!

(And Victoria, you might want to patent this idea. People would buy this. Oh yes they would.)


11 thoughts on “Bacon Thursday: Bacon Ice Cream!

  1. It is profoundly unkosher, and I as I made it on Saturday, I figured it was a really good thing Jews don’t believe in Hell. I am nevertheless a little worried, and I hope that the powers that may or may not be will include that making delicious ice cream for a friend is a mitzvah indeed. The hardest part, really, was not cooking the bacon to extra-crispy, as I personally like it, because I know from previous Bacon Thursday posts that K likes it softer. And yes, there is real maple syrup in there, and there are no nitrates or nitrites in that bacon because it’s ALL ABOUT HEALTH.
    Arguably it would be less kosher if it were made from pigs’ milk, rather than cows’ milk. Right?

  2. Okay, Valley Girl, you don’t know what you’re missing. I’ll try to save some for you to taste when you come to visit, but I don’t promise they’ll be any left…

  3. Victoria I don’t know you but the last person to say pointing to the non-kosher display case “that roast looks good” and the butcher, said “mrs goldblatt that is not for you” but she took it anyway and as her family was marveling at her culinary prowess, the hot water heater blew up… a true story thought the names have been changed to protect the butcher who should have known better – better idea than a polish pizza with kielbasa, caramelized onions and sauerkraut (also not kosher with the pork in the kielbasa and the cheese) just checking into the blog to see how Kathryn is doing (just came up for air after a 3 week marathon of almost no sleep and certainly no brain) and just about fab I’d say with that ice cream – you may loose some but you win some at the same time – I totally get the frustration with the bills for body parts gone – an unkind dig – maybe they should code it differently – my grandfather had an arm that wasn’t there and he took medicine for it so it wouldn’t hurt. A WACKY world – Jan has been keeping me up to date and the other soggy bottom twin reminded me of your blog – I sure did need the laugh. or two. or three. the A twin

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