High Five

From Heidi

On Thursday, I had a great follow up appointment with Dr. H, my general surgeon. He told me that he'd presented my case to "The Tumor Board" that week to see if they shared his opinion regarding my follow up oncology plan. (The Tumor Board is a weekly meeting of doctors who present cases and discuss, a collective medical big brain trust.)

Dr. H said the general consensus was that I wouldn't require chemotherapy nor would I have to take any follow up medication, such as Tomoxifen. (It's standard practice to administer an "anti-cancer" drug such as Tomoxifen post-surgery for a period of five years. It's shown to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer.) Since the surgery has removed the major risk factors, they didn't deem it necessary for me to take any of the drugs in this case.

Needless to say, that was great to hear. Dr. H was beaming when he gave me the news. I'm guessing he deals with a lot of bad news in his line of work (I know from experience) so he was probably as glad to give this good news as I was to hear it. We did everything but slap high-fives all around.


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