Good Day Friday

Get well card from JD

Friday I got together with JD and her mom for a few hours. After two weeks away, it was absolutely fantastic to see that little imp’s smiling face. We had our first sunny day in a while, so we hit the park. JD climbed up the curvy ladder and went down the curvy slide about fifty times straight. I sat on a bench nearby while mom ran interference. After JD would get to the top, she’d look for me and yell, “Look Kata!” Then she’d get to the bottom of the slide, turn to us and say in a very matter-of-fact tone, “I’m going to go back up to the top and see if anyone is coming down. I’ll be right back.” About fifty times.

There were a couple of times when she came running over at top speed, arms stretched out wide to make a big hug landing, nearly giving her mom a heart attack. (She’s been told that I’ve “hurt my back” and that’s why I can’t pick her up, run around, or lift anything.) And though she’s been told to be careful and gentle around Kata, it’s hard to curb that 3-year-old exuberance. No damage done. Sitting on the bench, chatting with my favorite gal was certainly the best medicine I’ve received all week.

Later that day, I got together with “the guys,” former office mates and friends who regularly meet for Friday lunch. Since my office job has disappeared, I’ve kept up on the weekly lunch meetings and it was great to see them again and get back into that routine after only two weeks away.

That afternoon, I came home and took a two-hour nap, my body’s way of telling me that that was about all the excitement I could handle for the day.


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