Saturday 3 p.m. ~ Advil Is My New Best Friend

 Bought the mega-bottle of Advil over the weekend and am making a serious dent in it. Popping three pills every six hours will do that. Tuesday I graduated to just two pills at a pop. Progress.

While I anticipated a waxing and waning in my energy level (one day feeling normal, followed by a day of low energy or a morning feeling strong, followed by an afternoon of napping) I didn’t figure the pain would follow a similar up and down pattern. I’ve always figured pain is bad and gets better over time as you heal, a little bit every day.
Not so this pain. Just when I think I’m over one curve, a few days later the pain is back, only slightly different. All in all, it is getting better. I’m just impatient and expect that each day will be quantifiable better than the last, not this unpredictable roller coaster of pain.
Over all, the pain has dropped to a 1 (on my pain scale of 1-10) with only a few blips off the chart, usually at night. Lying down in bed is still something of a trial as the muscle on the right side continues to put up a fight, reminding me from time to time that it’s there and it’s still not happy. (I have yet to sleep without three pillows propping me up and feel best with a pillow elevating my right arm to keep it from weighing on the right side of my chest.) And I have yet to get out of bed in the morning without a sharp, stabbing pain shocking me fully to wakefulness as I roll over and stand up. When I can raise myself out of bed without exclaiming “Yeeeeowww,” I’ll know I’ve really turned the corner.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 3 p.m. ~ Advil Is My New Best Friend

  1. OMG! I hear you! But I had to get off the Advil, it does “strange” things to my *cough* lady’s malady *cough*. Suprised the doctor didn’t offer you RX strength Ibuprofen. One pill does the trick, but then, it’s the same as taking 4 Advil. I’ve just now switched to Aleve. The way you described your pain is exactly how I feel as well; one day ok, next day sharp stabbing “kill me now pain”. Hang in there chica!

  2. She did give me a prescription pain med, but I’ve been off it for a couple of weeks now. I guess I could go back (when really needed) but that would feel like overkill. (Though I was tempted to last week at one point.)
    I hope you’re feeling better soon Teresa.

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