Robin Babies!

While I was in the kitchen fixing lunch, I thought I heard some strange squeaks and squawks coming from the tree outside the window. Sure enough, the robin babies have hatched! Here they are, beaks raised, hoping for a handout. You can tell that mom's landed nearby with a wormy treat when the beaks pop up and start  madly waving around. Even though their eyes aren't open yet, they know she's arrived.

About two-thirds of the way into the video, you'll hear a small crash and me swearing, as I kicked the cat food bowl and sprayed kibble all over the room. 😛

3 thoughts on “Robin Babies!

  1. Love the audio! That’s the soundtrack in my home more times than I care to admit… Anyway, how are those robin babies doing these days?

  2. As I reported on Twitter (are you all following me on Twitter? Think of it as a micro-blog) the robinettes have flown the nest. Earlier this week, I happened to catch the last of the three perched on the edge, contemplating the next big step. I hung around for a while, but he could see me and was having none of an audience. Came back thirty minutes later to an empty nest.
    Male robins breed twice in a season, so I’m hoping for a repeat performance, since the first time this nesting spot was used was last summer. Fingers crossed.

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