Ow Ow !?$!#!! Ow Ow

I have another appointment with the plastic surgeon this morning and in anticipation of the next inflation of the temporary implants, I'm getting a head start on the pain exclamations. Based on the first inflation, I anticipate a less-than-comfortable next few days. Last time, I was blissfully ignorant of just what was in store. This time I know better.

The stitches will be removed, which will be nice. I also plan to follow-up with the doctor on some new pain that I've been dealing with since the end of last week. Part burning muscle cramp, part stabbing pain, all uncomfortable when it comes to lying down. Lately I've been having trouble sleeping through the night. Seems that the weight of the implant on the right side is pinching a nerve and finding a comfortable sleeping position has been a challenge.

This should be a temporary thing (thank god) but in the meantime, it's fairly annoying. My doctor said I tend to under medicate myself. Not so after today's procedure, I can assure you.

On a more positive front, my range of motion continues to improve greatly. I can reach for things over my head, as long as they don't weigh anything, and driving in the car continues to be easier and more comfortable. I can do a lot more for myself, as long as it doesn't involve pushing or pulling anything with great resistance. This weekend, we're resuming the CSA farm box and I'm looking forward to getting back in the kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Ow Ow !?$!#!! Ow Ow

  1. Good news. Didn’t require any additional inflation. Phew. Everything looks good and I’m “ahead of the curve.” Not scheduled to go back until July! I’ll manage my current intermittent pain with my good friend Advil until the scar tissue forms a cushion against the nerve pain.

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