Back on the Boat

Wilson Avenue water intake station, Lake Michigan

Yesterday was my first day back on the boat, almost exactly one month to the day after my surgery and I’m pretty pleased with that. I played the part of a North Shore lady of leisure on board since I couldn’t do anything other than fold a sail cover and wrap a few lines at the end of the day. Everything on a sailboat involves some sort of pulling, twisting, lifting, and stretching, so I just sat there and drank a beer, enjoying the sun, the water and the Chicago skyline.

Actually, I wasn’t such a slacker. I did skipper the boat for the second half of our sail, which when conditions are right, is far easier than driving a car. Out and back to the Wilson crib a few times (about two miles off shore) we only tacked a handful of times and then all I had to do was turn the wheel while everyone else did the hard work. My kind of sailing. 🙂

Later, friends came over for dinner; nothing fancy, brats on the grill and side dishes from our favorite deli, Piatto Pronto. By the time they went home, I was pooped. My day had started early, at the farmers market. Today will be spent resting up. I have a 450-page book about Sir Richard Burton’s adventures to keep me occupied, cramming for next week’s book club.

I hope you’re all enjoying your holiday weekend!


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