A Blech No Energy Kinda Day

Hello all.

I have a million post-worthy things to put up on the blog–five books waiting to review, not to mention post-surgery status updates, some photos and this-that-and-the-other-thing–but I just don’t have it in me. I’ve been fighting a cold all week and while I had the upper hand earlier, today it seems to have sucked all the energy out of me.

I’d like to blame it on the weather (low pressure system?) coming our way; more t-storms are set to roll into town this afternoon, but whatever it is, I don’t even have the energy to sit in front of the computer for thirty minutes and compose a half-way decent entry. I’m just happy this didn’t happen yesterday, when I had tickets for one of CSO’s amazing Beethoven concerts. (Fidelio overture, Symphony’s 8 and 5.) An incredible night.

Strangely, this is the first time in my entire month-plus of recovery that I’ve been physically, dog tired. And all from a common cold. Figures.

Have a wonderful weekend all! I hope to be back and blogging strong soon.


3 thoughts on “A Blech No Energy Kinda Day

  1. Feel better soon. Those cold bugs could kick anyone’s butt. I heard the DJ on WFMT raving about the concert you just went to; I actually feel bad for missing it, now, between the two of yiz. Get you some hot-and-sour soup and recover from the virus!

  2. Thanks V. Finished off a double round of the healing soup today, which I fully credit with much improvement. I’m hoping a good night’s sleep will recharge my energy.

  3. Hope you are feeling better today. This is something I can really empathize with; I get a lot of those events. Usually not an entire day, just a few hours in the afternoon or evening. I look forward to better posts.

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