Nannying at 96%

Sea Turtle

After three weeks of easing myself back into the JD routine, I'm nannying full days this week and nearly up to JD's speed. She's riding a bike now (a two-wheeler with training wheels) which is a hoot and school's out so we've got a lot of adventuring to do. My energy level is good for the most part, but when nap time rolls around, it's hard to tell at this point who needs it more.

JD is full of questions these days, especially of the "why" and "how long will it take before…" variety. She continues to ask me, "Did you still hurt your back?" (the reason she was given for my absence) and when my back will be "all better." That last one is a bit tricky, given that I've got at least two other surgeries in the coming months.

This morning, before the predicted next rain storm rolled into town, we hit the sidewalk with chalk (that's a sea turtle–minus the oil–above) and then we took a walk through the neighborhood and over to the playground. On the way over, out of the blue, JD said, "I want a cat." This has been a frequent request lately, according to her parents. About 15 minutes later, when we passed a woman walking her dog, JD said, "I want a dog." "Oh, you do, do you," says I.

Then, after an hour spent visiting friends and playing in the park, we're walking home and pass a woman walking in the opposite direction with a baby slung in a carrier across her chest, and without missing a beat, JD says, "I want a baby."

Gee, it's good to be back.


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