Cloud Watching Turns Into Lightning Spotting

This evening I got home from dinner with friends early enough to sit out on the back deck and enjoy the clouds at dusk. In the south, huge, puffy, mile-high formations traveled from the west toward the lake. Then, as the sun dropped and the magic hour light faded, a massive cloud in the north began to travel across my field of view, also heading east toward Lake Michigan.

This cloud had a light show going on inside it, with flashes of lightning illuminating first one section of the cloud bank and then another. Occasionally, a bolt of lightening could be seen poking out of the cloudy lantern. This light show continued for about ten minutes as the cloud slowly moved from left to right.

I snapped a bunch of photos with the the iPhone camera (using the zoom to close in on the cloud, so the quality is grainy) and despite the shutter lag, I managed to catch a few snaps of the lightning.

One thought on “Cloud Watching Turns Into Lightning Spotting

  1. I’m impressed with the quality of photos from the iPhone. I saw that same cloud live, and this is just as good (in a different way – the graininess pleasantly reminds me a little of Tri-X film). The cloud also looked cool stretching out over the lake.

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