Transforming the Outdoor Space: Phase Five — 98% Finished

The decade-long dream is a reality! The plants are in, everything has had a good watering, and the guys have gone home for the night. A bit of finishing work remains on the deck, but for the most part, the job is done.

Smoke bush, salvia, drop seed grass, purple moor grass, spirea and pinky winky hydrangea frame the Japanese loose cap yew. The groundcover on the edges of the walkway is wintercreeper.

The service berry tree is surrounded by stonecrop sedum and two varieties of salvia.  The witch hazel, espalied on the fence and thinned out to encourage new growth.  The fountain is surrounded by cranesbill geranium. Behind it are black-eyed susan, lilac, a few day lily (on a trial basis) and bee balm.  A third dwarf lilac, catmint, a shrub rose and about half of the transplanted purple cone flower.  There are a couple of spot lights and a few path lights:   Now, it’s time to enjoy.


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