Transforming the Outdoor Space: Phase Four — Prepping for Plants

While I was in Kentucky, work in the backyard continued. The framing for the back steps went in.

Next, the guys bailed out the puddles from the big rainstorm the night before and filled in the soil, raising the level of the dirt and grading it toward the drain in the back-left corner. This might be the single biggest improvement in the yard. Hopefully, the days when we had to wear waders to get from the backdoor to the garage are behind us.

Putting in the 2x4s to keep the soil on our side of the fence:


Yesterday, when I got home, the yard was filled with activity. The shrubs and trees were moving in!

Prepping the foundation for the water fountain with blue stone chips:

More blue stone around the A/C, which was also lowered a bit. Hopefully that, and the plants in front of it, will cut down a bit on the A/C noise when you’re outside. It also looks a lot nicer to have the cement blocks gone.

The smoke bush, Japanese yew, spirea and pinky winky hydrangea wait to be planted.  The service berry in its holding place.  The purple moor grass continues to wait patiently in his pot.  The first blush of pink on the pinky winky hydrangea.  The look is starting to come together. Waiting for planting day.  And the perennials wait patiently in the garage.


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