A Few Final Photos to Ring Out the Summer

Sunday's early morning sail on Lake Michigan was picture perfect, if not a tad bit chilly. The wind was coming out of the south-west, so we were able to make a beeline down the lakeshore to the lighthouse off Navy Pier and back. I shot this with my iPhone using an HDR app. A bobbing sailboat isn't the ideal setting for trying to take two shots to meld together, so it's a bit in soft focus, but I still like the look. It captures the moment and the morning well.

Trump Tower is smack in the middle of the cityscape, with the Sears Tower (yeah, yeah, Willis, Tower whatever) just to the left and the Hancock Tower standing supreme on the right-hand side. The white bubble off on the far left is the anchored helium balloon on Navy Pier.


Sweet Seats

Yesterday afternoon, our seats for the Cubs game were outstanding. Unfortunately, the game wasn't.


Things turned dark pretty early on. Dempster's pitching was weak and he was taken out early. From then on, things continued down hill for the home team. What else is new.


Crying in My Beer

Crying in my beer, surrounded by empty seats.


From our seats, we had a great view of Mets players as they jogged, walked, and hopped across home plate. By the ninth inning, when it was beyond pathetic, we'd switched tactics and were rooting for the Mets to score an even 20 runs against the Cubs. In the end, they came up 2 short, beating the Cubs 18-5. I've got one final ticket to the ballgame this week. I'm hoping for a better outcome to wrap up my Wrigley Field outings for 2010.

3 thoughts on “A Few Final Photos to Ring Out the Summer

  1. I love the Chicago pic. It’s a view you don’t often see and almost looks like the pictures of Manhattan from the Staten Island ferry. Amazing how dense the skyscrapers have become. I almost said “our skyscrapers” but I guess I am no longer a Chicagoan.

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