Feet First

Feet First | 1

As promised, here is the first installment of my new photo project:

Watching the Cubs lose. Again.

A little explanation.

Last year about this time, my friend Karen introduced a new routine in her life. She wanted to do something each day that would be personally rewarding and made a pact with herself to take a daily walk to the lake. In addition to being a healthy thing to do, she found it rejuvenating and a revelation to see how beautiful and ever-changing the lake was on a daily basis. It also sparked a photo project that involved shooting the same tree from the same angle every time she passed by. It’s a gorgeous record of the changing seasons and the thousand faces of the lake.

A few weeks ago, she suggested that I take up such a challenge, to find something I could do every day that would be rewarding and fun. I thought about what new routine I could do that would add a positive spark to the day and just might, surprisingly, lead to something. I hit on this, taking a photo of my feet, wherever they might take me, every day. An extreme variation on my Saturday 3 p.m. photo. Also, an interesting way to journal my days. We’ll see where it goes.

Today’s photo was taken at the Wrigley Field, during my final game of the 2010 season. There were lots of empty seats in the park and it was easy to get comfortable while watching the Cubs lose 4-0. Fall is definitely in the air. The night was chilly and the home team didn’t give us much to jump up and down and cheer about to keep warm.


5 thoughts on “Feet First

  1. Oooh, that’s a good idea. Looking forward to seeing where your feet take you.
    I like the tree idea too and considered doing the exact same thing for my favourite tree, but at the time when I’m guaranteed to pass it in daylight there’s always LOTS of people around.
    I am definitely not keeping up the daily blogging thing next year, I’m finding it much harder than expected.

  2. Great idea.
    This explains the haircut shot, which I looked at first and thought was very original look at things.
    I’m waiting for the shot of your feet sticking out from the hospital sheets. Actually, knowing you, a shot of your feet sticking out from the operating room table.

  3. Thanks for the feedback all!
    Kirsty–While I’ll definitely try to take a photo every day, I’m not going to kill myself trying to blog it every day. Make play catchup at points, posting multiple shots. While I loved the challenge of blogging every day–and the surprising posts that often resulted–I definitely don’t miss the pressure of trying to get a post in before the stroke of midnight.
    Heidi–Me too! I think it’s going to become a real challenge not to fall in a rut or be too repetitious.
    Alan–Believe me, I’ve definitely thought about how I can work the shot in the hospital. 🙂

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