The Art Institute Grand Staircase Has Never Looked Better

Feet First | 52

Feet First | 52

There's an LED installation at the Art Institute by Indian artist Jitish Kallat that is not to be missed. It's quite a dramatic and uplifting representation of a speech given at the First World Parliament of Religions (held in the building in conjunction with the 1893 World Columbian Exposition.)

This display is quite wonderful and come November and December, when it's drab and gray outside, popping into the AIC foyer will be a cheering respite. It's too bad the installation will only be up through January 2, 2011.

PS: Alan, I know you were looking forward to my Feet First photo-op in front of the newly restored Chagall Windows, but that was fairly impossible to pull off. Frankly, this exhibit had a more dramatic impact for me. More on that tomorrow.


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