Waiting For the Surgeon and Wondering What’s in the Box

Feet First | 65

Thursday, 11 November

Surgery, and all the preparation surrounding it and recovery from it, has become old hat at this point. The novelty has definitely worn off and I'm happy to see the last of my procedures come and go. Thankfully, each was easier (and shorter) than the last. This procedure completed the reconstruction and after a weekend of rest, I'll be good to go on Monday.

Once again, my surgeon was a rock star and the nursing staff at St. Francis gave me terrific care. Everyone there was friendly and comforting. The surgery itself was a mere two hours and I was quickly out of recovery and sitting up in a chair, ready to eat and be on my way. I was back home six hours after leaving for the hospital. We feasted on sandwiches from Al's Deli, a healing roast beef with bearnaise sauce being just what the doctor ordered.

(BTW, I later learned the box contained medication that was used during the surgery.)

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