Book Clubbin’ It

Feet First | 68

Sunday, 14 November

Feet First | 68

Only one out of our five regular members managed to finish the book. The rest (myself included) found no joy in reading The Lacuna and gave up. Highly unusual for our group and a universal disappointment, since most of us had read Barbara Kingsolver before and were very much looking forward to this book. A case of high expectations shot down all around. Of course, this made for great discussion.

On the other hand, I count this as one of our most successful and enjoyable book club meetings. We had not one but two special guests. Karen's mom, up for a visit from Kentucky, had read the book and really liked it, which added greatly to our discussion. Another friend who'd mentioned in passing she'd read and enjoyed the book joined us as well. Things went so well, we've gained another regular member of the group!

As is our tradition, the next selection is a classic (The Ambassadors by Henry James) which we'll discuss over tea at The Peninsula. A lovely way to kick off another year of great book discussions.

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