Red Carpet at the Lyric Opera

Feet First | 74

Saturday, 20 November

Lyric Opera's production of Benjamin Britten's A Midsummer Night's Dream was pretty to look at but the pacing was very slow. I'm not a fan of this Shakespeare play, which I'm sure the two Shakespeare-loving friends I saw it with would insist is because I have yet to see a good production of it. I found the story silly and dull and Britten's music hard to get a hold on. That left the libretto, lines taken from Shakespeare. Meh. Not until the final song was there anything even remotely approaching a melody.

There was a live dog in the production, which, according to the review in the Tribune, performed some amazing trick in the second act. If he did, none of us saw it. Disappointment on top of disappointment, as I'd actually been looking forward to this opera.

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