A Week of Feet

Feet First | 91

Tuesday, 7 December

JD and I hit the holiday trains at the Chicago Botanic Garden. She could watch the model trains all day long.


Feet First | 92

Wednesday, 8 December

Feet First | 92

Taking the "back way" into Orchestra Hall to hear my last CSO concert of 2010.


Feet First | 93

Thursday, 9 December

I snapped this quickly while I was in the bathroom changing into the hospital gown before my final procedure. The reconstruction is complete and I'm done done done!


Feet First | 94

Friday, 10 December

Making tea. Vanilla orange rooibos. So good.


Feet First | 95

Saturday, 11 December

Homemade eggnog! Yum rum rum and a little cognac too!


Feet First | 96

Sunday, 12 December

Feet First | 96

Attending a 3-year-old's birthday party. A good time was had by all.

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