Recommended: Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand

Helen Simonson (2010)

This is a thoroughly enjoyable story about love found late in life for a widowed Englishman and a Pakistani widow. The very proper Major Pettigrew sees his world unhinged by the death of his brother and his subsequent quest to reunite a family heirloom, a pair of hunting rifles split by his father between sons. Major Pettigrew must contend with his unpleasant sister-in-law (who refuses to part with her husband’s gun) and his disappointing son, a shallow yuppie intent on selling his father’s most cherished possession.

As the Major wrestles with questions of honor and pride, his friendship with Mrs. Ali, a shopkeeper with family troubles of her own, deepens into something more. Politics and gossip from colorful characters in their small country town add to the fun in this charming, old-fashioned British romantic comedy.


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