Gluten Free

Feet First | 128

Thursday, 13 January

Feet First | 128

So, I'm eating gluten free for the next three weeks. No beer, no bread, no pasta. Did I mention no beer? I'm also avoiding a variety of other foods and after the three weeks or so, I'll begin reintroducing foods in an effort to learn what it is my body's reacting to. I gave up coffee a couple of months ago and, much to my surprise, I haven't missed it all that much, though I do still love the smell of fresh beans. As long as I can drink tea, I'm very happy.

I'm looking at this as an interesting exercise, except for the part about no beer, which I see as nothing less than punishment. (And yes, I've tried gluten-free beer which is pretty much unacceptable for someone like me who is really enjoying the explosion of craft beer.)

Eating gluten-free, while a whole lot easier than it was even just a few years ago, is still a tricky road to learn. I have to keep reminding myself it's not just wheat that's the problem; things I would have thought were okay, like my favorite brand of Irish steel cut oats, aren't allowed.

If nothing else, these three weeks of really thinking about what I'm eating should help me to eat better and get out of my culinary rut when it comes to lunch.

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