At the Movies

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Alert the media, I saw a movie today.

In the movie theater.

On the big screen!

I know, crazy. I caught a matinee of The King's Speech, which I very much enjoyed despite the jarring use of Beethoven and Mozart pieces during the climactic scene. (As King George is rallying the country to fight the Nazis, it seemed very odd to use German composers to fill the emotional soundtrack.)

Colin Firth is amazing, no surprise there. The Academy loves actors who portray characters with physical or emotional disabilities, so he's a shoe-in for the best actor award.

I could get used to this movies in the theater thing. So, what should I see next?

5 thoughts on “At the Movies

  1. I see your point in a way, but Beethoven was not a Nazi. And Mozart was Austrian (as am I).
    Elgar might have worked. He actually rocks quite a bit.

  2. Chopin would’ve been good, esp. with the whole Germany invading Poland thing. Plus, Chopin is just as moving as Beethoven.

  3. I wasn’t ascribing any affiliation (other than country) to Beethoven and Mozart. (And I knew that Mozart was Austrian but I always associate Austria with Germany at that point in history.)
    It’s too bad they couldn’t have chosen a British composer (as you suggested John) to punctuate the moment but it probably wouldn’t have been as iconic a piece of music.

  4. Hi Kathryn–
    As for what movie to see next at the theater….I have been trying to see the Best Picture nominated films before the Oscars–not an easy task since there are 10 of them now. With the demographics of my family, not surprising that prior to this month, the only two nominees I had seen were Toy Story 3 and Inception. So I put a call out to friends and saw The Kings Speech last weekend and Black Swan at a matinee this week (played hooky from work!). I felt that the acting performances in The Kings Speech were fantastic, but the Black Swan has stayed with me a bit. Disturbing yet compelling—worth the ticket.
    I also saw Winter’s Bone on pay per view. Steeped in the Ozarks location and a sense of dread/foreboding. I was cold the entire time I watched it, despite the fact that I was sitting on my couch. I recommend looking for it on your pay per view.

  5. Hey Carolyn!
    Thanks for reminding me about Winter’s Bone. Someone else I know also highly recommended it to me. I plan to make a point of seeing it in the next week or so.
    I’ve also seen TS3 and Inception, but had avoided Black Swan. You’ve almost convinced me to see it, despite Natalie Portman, never a favorite of mine. 🙂

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