Gluten-Free Cooking

Feet First | 152

Feet First | 152

I went to a Super Bowl potluck this evening and used it as an excuse to try a few new gluten-free recipes, both of them quite good. To ensure that there would be something there that I could eat, I made mac & cheese, using quinoa elbow macaroni. I added bacon and carmelized onion on top, instead of bread crumbs. Much tastier. A definite keeper recipe.

We also brought peanut butter cookies and I was highly skeptical about this recipe, until tasting the finished product and wow, they were terrific, especially considering they were completely free of flour. Just four ingredients: peanut butter, sugar, eggs and chocolate bits (I used dark chocolate.) They looked and tasted just like traditional cookies.

We didn't stay long and by the time I left, both plates had been completely devoured. Success.

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