Sailing the British Virgin Islands (Again) ~ Day 8 and 9

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Return to Road Harbour, Tortola

Parting View

Up early and a quick breakfast before everyone packs up their bags, stows all gear, and prepares to take off, back to Road Harbour in plenty of time to check our boat back in, unload our stuff and get Rick and Mary back to the airport in time for their 12:30 flight out.

No chance for a sail back as the seas and wind seem to make a repeat performance of our first two wickedly windy days out. It takes us about 90 minutes to cross the channel and we head directly into Road Harbour and the marina. We call ahead to Sunsail and a crew memeber meets our boat at the end of one of the docks to perform the tricky maneuvers to back the boat into the slip, which he does with ease while Anne lets out the anchor.

Within an hour, we’ve unloaded the boat, stripped the linens, taken out the trash, turned stuff in to the Sunsail office and had our boat de-briefing. Before you know it, were all piled into a taxi for the short ride into town where Jenny, Anne, Karen and I are dropped off at our hotel, Maria by the Sea. Hugs all around and Rick and Mary continue on to the airport.

We collapse with our luggage in the breezeway of the hotel lobby. Reading commences while we wait for our room to be ready. Karen and I walk over to Bobby’s Market (where our boat provisions came from) a substantial grocery store that’s a beehive of activity. We buy a bottle of wine to enjoy on the balcony of our room and take a short walk, wending our way around the traffic circles, back to our hotel.

We have lunch in the open-air restaurant at the hotel, then up to our room to repack our bags and shower. We spend the afternoon relaxing on the balcony, reading and enjoying the surf below and the full view of the harbour, where the water is every color of blue and green. We open the final bottle wine at cocktail time and enjoy it on the balcony overlooking Road Harbour before walking over to Spaghetti Junction for dinner. We sit in the same open air dining room we were in just a week ago, with a view of the Sunsail dock to our right. Dinner is a delicious plate of frutti di mar (shrimp, scallops and lobster) pasta in creme sauce and a very nice bottle of white wine from, of all places, Tasmania.

Road Harbour Balcony

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Return to Chicago

Up with the sun again, watching it rise over Tortola as the first ferry of the day leaves the harbor. I’m listening to the surf below as I finish up these notes, waiting to shower and pack up before breakfast. The dueling roosters from the poultry family in the lot next door continue to crow the morning alarm and our farewell. It’s been another amazing week in the islands.

Last Day, Overlooking Road Harbour


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