Tai Chi

Feet First | 168

Tuesday, 22 February

Feet First | 168

Tuesday I took my first tai chi class ever, which I really enjoyed. I found it both relaxing and invigorating and in the nine (out of 20) moves that I learned in the hour-long class, I was able to see how it's very beneficial for balance. There were only two of us in the class that night, myself and another woman who was a newbie as well, so the teacher was able to give us a lot of introductory instruction, which was great. The teacher was great, the class was great, everything about it was great except for the timing of the class. It's only offered one night a week and that one night happens to be my standing beer night.

Talk about your conflicts. I know, I know. But while tai chi would be very good for my body,  my weekly pub night with friends is good for the soul. This past year, these Tuesday night gatherings have gotten me through some tough times. 

Perhaps I could convince them to move the class to the bar.


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