Marking an Anniversary with the First Sign of Spring

Feet First | 189

Feet First | 189

One year ago today I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I can't believe it's just been one year, it feels like at least two or three or five. And yet, I can remember this day like it was yesterday. I think the weather and the time of year, with its subtle cues of winter into spring and the change in the light have triggered a stronger, sort of sense memory than I would have imagined. I've been very tired lately, which brings back another physical reminder of last year, and I think it might be my body's way of registering the anniversary too.

I'm looking forward to  passing each of these cancer-related anniversary dates in the coming months and marking them appropriately, acknowledging how far I've come. I feel good.

So, it seemed very appropriate that today I saw the first real, true sign of spring while JD and I were out walking. Forsythia in bloom means spring is right around the corner and I needed that pick-me-up, today of all days.

Happily, my C-day anniversary falls on a Tuesday night, so my friends and I, who regularly gather at a local pub, will have something to raise our glasses to.

3 thoughts on “Marking an Anniversary with the First Sign of Spring

  1. Congrats on this success–you have been an inspiration to others in your positive and git’er done approach. No wonder you feel tired–just rest on your laurels for awhile and go easy on yourself.

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