At the Rehearsal

Feet First | 191

Thursday, 17 March

Thursday morning I attended a rehearsal of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra as they prepared two pieces for that evening's performance under the leadership of Charles Dutoit. The first half hour was spent working on the Roman Carnival overture by Berlioz and after a coffee break, they worked for an hour on Panderecki's Concerto Grosso for Three Cellos and Orchestra. Both were lively and entertaining pieces, neither of which I'd heard before.

It was so interesting to watch the back and forth between the conductor and various sections of the orchestra as they rehearsed segments alone and then combined them for the finished product. There was lots of note taking on music scores and conferring among orchestra members and you could see how sections of the orchestra worked together.

At the Rehearsal

Adding to the fun, I was able to sit in a box seat, off to the side and very close to the orchestra with a great view of the conductor. Great seats, great sound, great fun.


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