Out of Step

Wow, I have never been this out of date with my blog, save for times when I'm on vacation. So, we'll call this past episode a little blog-cation.

I've been keeping up on my daily photography project though and have lots of catching up to do. It's been a busy past few weeks, mostly having to do with getting ready for a big party I threw to celebrate my one year anniversary cancer free. I used the event (60+ guests!) as reason to give the place a real good de-cluttering spring cleaning and to cross off a number of home projects that had been mouldering on my To-Do list: rugs were cleaned, curtains hung, pictures framed, and we gave the basement another good purging. Plenty of other stuff has been keeping me busy and away from the computer as well, but I'll let my feet do the talking.

Feet First | 216

Monday, 11 April

Feet First | 216

After the witch-hazel (which bloomed in February) the first thing to bloom in the backyard were these tiny irises around the water fountain. I love these intensely blue little flowers.


Feet First | 217

Tuesday, 12 April

Feet First | 217

Reading together.

Every day, I try to have 15 minutes of "reading time" when JD plays on her own and I pull out a book. JD is good about playing on her own and I like to reinforce that. I also want her to see me reading, as a way of inspiring a love of reading in her that goes beyond my reading books to her and working with her on learning new words.

Because JD is always interested in what the adults around her are doing, what often happens is we end up talking about the book I'm reading. (It's sometimes quite a challenge of my improvisational skills to paraphrase the book I'm reading into a kid-friendly synopsis.) Lately, she's taken to "reading" with me, sitting right next to me and intently staring at the words on the page, imagining an entirely new story.


Feet First | 218

Wednesday, 13 April

Feet First | 218

Attended a concert at Orchestra Hall and sat in the terrace for the first time ever. It was quite the experience, perched over the orchestra, facing the rest of the audience. You really feel like you're a part of the performance. The sound was surprisingly good, but noticibly different. You hear the sections more distinctly and immediately. For this long-time symphony-goer, it was definitely a treat that I'd repeat again.


Feet First | 219

Thursday, 14 April

Feet First | 219

The hyacinth began blooming in the backyard. These smell as good as they look and are still going strong.


Feet First | 220

Friday, 15 April

Feet First | 220

At the Botanic Garden, where not much was blooming yet. The weather was very typical of our spring, overcast and cold. At least it wasn't raining.


Feet First | 221

Saturday, 16 April

Feet First | 221

Rick's totally awesome osso bucco.

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