May Day Feet

Feet First | 236

Sunday, 1 May

Feet First | 236

It had been a looooong time since we’d seen the sun, so it was worth recording.


Feet First | 237

Monday, 2 May

Feet First | 237

JD, sporting handmade hand-puppets on her feet.


Feet First | 238

Tuesday, 3 May

Feet First | 238

Washing hands. This girls could wash her hands and play in the water all day long if I let her.


Feet First | 239

Wednesday, 4 May

Feet First | 239

Putting the Easter basket to use, collecting dandelions.


Feet First | 240

Thursday, 5 May

Feet First | 240

Cinco de Mayo doctor’s visit. The six-month followup to my final reconstructive surgery. Sitting in the exam room chair one year after this all began. The view was quite different from here.


Feet First | 242

Saturday, 7 May

Getting the boat from the dry dock, down the Chicago River and back into Lake Michigan for another season of high seas adventure. Luckily the rain held off until after we’d raised the mast and were nearly into the harbor.


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