Spotty Feet

Over 200 days into my Feet First project and I'm still amazed that there are days when I completely forget to snap a shot of my feet. This past week was terrible; I missed a shot every other day.

Feet First | 250

Sunday, 15 May

Feet First | 250



Feet First | 252

Tuesday, 17 May

Feet First | 252

Lincoln Logs were never my thing. It took me ten minutes to construct this "station house" only to have JD destroy it in 1.5 seconds.


Feet First | 254

Thursday, 19 May

Feet First | 254

One of my favorite front yards in town. All prairie grasses and flowering ground cover. I walk by it every chance I get to see how it's changed from week to week.


Feet First | 256

Saturday, 21 May

Feet First | 256

I tried a new Belgian beer. I'd never had anything from the Chimay brand, which I gather is still made in small batches by Trappist monks. I quite liked this one, it had just the right bitterness level for me. And I loved the pop of the cork that started off the bottle.


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