Crash! Cut. Reset. Let’s Do It Again

Feet First | 260

Wednesday, 25 May

Feet First | 260

JD is a creature of habit, more so I think than most four year old. She loves reenacting (ad nauseam) scenes from favorite books (Olivia, Green Eggs & Ham) and TV episodes (Thomas the Tank Engine, Dora). One scenario that's been on the frequent play list involves having Thomas or Percy lose control and crash wildly into "the station master's house." Last week, a good chunk of time was spent building structures out of Lincoln Logs, only to have JD knock them over in two seconds flat. Rinse and repeat. She would do this for hours if I let her.

As with all these scenes, with their very specific dialog, I'm always trying to go off script and vary the story. Eventually, I crack and shut the production down. Unlike the little Capricorn who thrives on repetition, this Aries gets board and has to shake it up. We make a good team.

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