Poor Baby

Feet First | 301

Tuesday, 5 July

Feet First | 301

The past few weeks, JD has been very focused on reading hazard labels and warning signs, be they on a small plastic package or a street sign. She can dramatically recite the standard choking hazard label by heart (“WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD! MAY CONTAIN SMALL PARTS!”) and will, multiple times a day.

One of her favorite play acting games is to stuff small things in her baby doll’s mouth and then sternly reprimand the poor infant. JD kept repeating that she had to give Baby a “firm talking.” (“You know babies–hand to the mouth,” she’ll say, with an impish grin, like we’re two mother’s commiserating over the antics of our pesky kids.)

It was only after I threatened to give Baby a lengthy time-out for his/her/its own safety that JD came up with a new precarious situation for Baby, which involved dangling him/her/it from a height, while eating bananas. I think this is one of the stunts from that new reality show, 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show.


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