Another Week of Feet

Feet First | 306

Sunday, 10 July

Feet First | 306

Had a lovely sail on the lake. Good strong wind and not a lot of power boat traffic.


Feet First | 307

Monday, 11 July

Feet First | 307

We had a wicked storm blow through early Monday morning. The worst of it lasted less than ten minutes but in that time, many trees up and down the north shore were snapped, knocked over, blown down and ripped out of the ground. Power for 800,000 (including me) was knocked out. We were lucky and had ours restored after 18 hours. Some went without for days.

I took this shot a few hours after the storm. A 100-year-old oak tree, brought to a quick end.


Feet First | 308

Tuesday, 12 July

Feet First | 308

JD and I played the Name Tag Game, my ingenious idea for getting her to practice writing. The week before, she'd attended a summer camp where she had to wear a name tag. I came up with the idea to have her make name tags for her "friends" and she ran with it, putting name tags on over a dozen stuffed pals. Then, we spent a few hours playing Hide and Seek with them.


Feet First | 309

Wednesday, 13 July

Feet First | 309

Hot days call for popsicles on the back steps.


Feet First | 310

Thursday, 14 July

Feet First | 310

Attending storefront theater, a Chicago institution. Saw Northwest Highway at The Gift Theatre. A hyper-local play set in the neighborhood where the theater is located.


Feet First | 311

Friday, 15 July

Underground, waiting for the el, while a violinist serenades

Waiting underground for the el heading north, while a violinist serenaded us with "Ashoken Farewell."


Feet First | 312

Saturday, 16 July

Feet First | 312

Back on the boat, floating around waiting for the wind that never came. We motored out as far as the Wilson crib and back, put up the sails for about 13 minutes and then bailed when what little wind there was died. It's amazing to be out on the lake when it's that glassy.

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