Time to Move On

So long TypePad, hello WordPress!

After some careful consideration and a few months spent using WordPress for another project, it became obvious that it was time to migrate my blog to a new platform. I have fond memories of TypePad, which has been my blogging platform pretty much from the start and one that I’ve been with since they began. I was a beta tester, which was a fun community to be involved with and where I made blog pals I’m still friends with to this day.

I loved TypePad when it was in its heyday, but things have changed and it’s a different company now. It seems stagnant and there’s very little innovation in either features or design. Now that I’ve used WordPress for a few months, the platform’s strengths, ease of use, feature set and design templates make the decision to transfer over a no-brainer. Plus, it’s free. F-R-E-E! (Other than having to pay to use my own domain name, a mere $18.) Paying TypePad for a pro-account with a stagnant feature set seems like a big waste of money. I’m trying not to think too hard why I haven’t done this earlier.

One thing that kept me from making the switch was the thought that it would be a tremendous pain in the butt. I’d heard horror stories. To my surprise, transferring over to WordPress was quick and easy. The tedious part will be fixing the links (and with lists of book recommendations, there are lots of them) so they point to the correct pages. I’m in the process now of fixing all TypePad links, going through all 2,880 posts one-at-a-time by hand. It’s actually been a mostly enjoyable and interesting stroll through my eight years of blogging. Eventually, everything will be tidied up and I’ll close the TypePad chapter of my blogging experience for good.

So, if you’re using the 2thingsatonce.com address, you’ve already found it. If you’re not (and you’re using some variation of twothingsatonce.typepad.com) please switch over. There will come a time when I delete this version of the blog altogether and you’ll find a dead-end.

So, check your bookmarks and make sure you follow me over to 2thingsatonce.com.


6 thoughts on “Time to Move On

  1. The only problem with switching from your Typepad feed to the new one is that Google Reader is alerting me about your old posts, a few at a time. We’re up to June 16, 2004.

  2. Seems to be a Google Reader issue. I think I found an inelegant way to work around this. Thanks for bringing it to my attention Mike. Obviously, I’d do it differently next time. 😛

  3. It wasn’t annoying, just funny. I let them pile up and then clicked on “mark all as read.” I don’t know what you did but it seems to have worked.

  4. You’ve figured out how to cross the time-space barrier, obviously. It appears that you would do it all over again the exact same way, if given the chance.

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