My One and Only Cubs Game of the Year

Feet First | 337
Wednesday, 10 August

Feet First | 337

I learned my lesson the hard way last year and only opted for only one game at Wrigley Field this season. The way they’re playing, this was a good call. While it’s always nice to sit in the seats at Wrigley Field on a summer afternoon or evening, it becomes more than a little disheartening (not to mention expensive) to do s0 when your team is beaten (or as is often the case, beat themselves) time and again. You can only drown your sorrows with so much overpriced beer and mediocre hotdogs.

Last spring, when Cubs tickets went on sale, my friends and I decided to pass. Wednesday’s game was a freebie; it’s my good fortune to have friends with friends who have great seats at the ballpark. After all the heat we’ve had, the evening of our game was cool (in the 70s) and extremely pleasant. We were there on a good night–Ron Santo Night (his statue out front was unveiled before the game–I’ve never seen so many people aiming their cellphone cameras at the same thing) and the Cubs actually won. It was the least they could do in honor of Ronny.


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