Three Foodie Feet Fotos

Feet First | 331
Thursday, 4 August

Feet First | 331

Iced tea to get my morning started.

Feet First | 332
Friday, 5 August

Feet First | 332

Every once in a while, I get together with two other cheese-loving friends and we celebrate all things cheese. We had quite the spread and the weather cooperated so we were able to sit outside and feast on cave-aged Gruyère, Petit Basque sheep’s milk, Cypress Grove truffle tremor, Sartori Bellavitano black pepper and Chaumes cheese, among others.

Cheestus 2011

Feet First | 333
Saturday, 6 August

Feet First | 333

After Dead Guy, the Juniper Pale Ale is my second favorite Rogue beer. And, it’s a Pale Ale! Surprise, surprise.


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