Tree Trimming

Feet First | 325
Friday, 29 July

Feet First | 325

We got rid of a more than a little dead wood out front.

The crab apple trees were sickly and way over-sized for their location so they had to go. For two years now, the leaves have turned a sickly yellow and dropped by early September. Plus, they just looked pathetic. I wasn’t at all sorry to see them go. Top contender for replacement tree: a variety of Dogwood.

It was all part of a day of general tree surgery, as we had the parkway trees trimmed as well, which really helped to lighten up the place. It was raining branches at one point.

We weren’t the only side of the street having tree work done. As it turned out, it was the same day the city came by to take down the two pear trees across the street that were struck by lightning during a wicked thunderstorm earlier in the week. It was a rough day for the trees on our block.


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