On the Road to Kentucky

Indiana Cornfield #1

A week ago, I took a long weekend out of town and visited a friend who lives in Georgetown, Kentucky. The usual seven hour drive, most of it through the long, flat, boring state of Indiana, took a mind-numbing eleven hours. One particularly terrible accident involving three semi-trucks turned a long section of I-65 into a parking lot.

Indiana Cornfield #3


Indiana Cornfield #2

For two solid hours, I stared at the same stretch of cornfield.

Traffic As Far As the Eye Can SeeComing and not going.

But then, we made it to the Kentucky line and the blissfully welcome sight of New Albanian Brewing Company. Suddenly, the drive didn’t seem so terrible.

Sampling for the Growler

We picked up a couple of growlers of beer (the Tafelbier and my favorite, the Community Dark) and headed further south on our last leg of the journey, into Kentucky and the summertime rooftop party that was waiting for us at the end of the road. All worth it.


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