Planting Day

Feet First | 354
Saturday, 27 August

Feet First | 354

Last year about this time, we gutted the backyard and put in all new plantings. This year, we did the same in the front yard. I’ve become the unofficial gardner for our town home association and have muddled along for years, trying to replace the terrible looking beds and patches of grass with something more attractive and sustainable without depending on constant watering. With diseased trees in need of replacing and trouble patches that needed help, it was definitely time to call in the professionals.

Saturday was the day when all the plants went in the half of the beds that we’re planting this year. (The remaining beds will planted next year.) Plants incorporated in the landscaping include astilbe, hydrangea, hosta, gooseneck, bleeding heart, turtlehead, ladies mantle, fern, catmint, and witch hazel. We also planted a couple of kousa dogwood which I’m really excited about. The whole thing looks great and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.

For the next two weeks, I’m on watering duty, which takes about two hours of shifting hoses around every day. I’ll post some photos once I process them.


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