Here’s What’s Been Filling My Time Lately

Prints, Journals and Cards Oh My

After years of thinking about it, I’m excited to finally give it a go and see if I can sell my photography. Images from my trips to France and the British Virgin Islands were burning a hole in my hard drive. It was time to set them loose on the world and see what happens.

So, this past spring, I’ve been busily preparing for some summer showings. I decided the annual street festival in my neighborhood would be a good opportunity to test the waters, so I set up right out front of my place, amongst the neighborhood yard sale, and put out the word. Walk-by traffic was fairly slow, but that was okay. This was really just a test drive to see if I had all the pieces I’d need for future showings. I had a steady stream of friends come by, which was fun, and did a decent bit of business. I was happy to have nearly doubled the modest goal I’d set for myself.

My First Photography Showing

I’m very much looking forward to my first day selling at the Evanston Farmers’ Market as part of their new Homegrown Artists program. Exhibiting before an audience of mostly strangers will be a true test. I’ll be there on Saturday July 7th.

Unfortunately, the blog has suffered in the meantime. I’ve got a backlog of book reviews to get to, as well as a wrap up on my trip to Minneapolis to see the Twins and Cubs play at Target Field. And speaking of travel, I’m very busy (and excitedly) planning a road trip through Virginia! Now, on to homework.


2 thoughts on “Here’s What’s Been Filling My Time Lately

  1. Wait a sec . . . are those spiral notebooks with your pics on the cover? (sighs enviously). Good luch with this venture.

    1. Thanks Mad. And yes, they are blank lined spiral notebooks. Come visit the Evanston Farmers’ Market on 7/7 and check them out! 🙂

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