Saturday 3 p.m.: Sewing Backdrops

Saturday 3 p.m.: Making backdrops

Sadly, I’ve fallen quite behind on my Saturday photo project. I’m trying to kickstart it back up again and will see if I can post directly to the blog from my phone, which is how I take most of my “Saturday 3 pm” photos. Otherwise, I fear it will just become a Facebook post and will be lost to the ether. Part of the reason I started recording what I was doing every Saturday at 3 p.m. was that it served as a kind of journal, a snapshot moment in time.

Last Saturday I spent part of the day knocking things off my never-ending To Do List. Here I’d finished sewing the edges of some burlap I’m using for backgrounds to shoot items I’m posting to my etsy shop. Man, nothing brings back memories of childhood like the smell of burlap!


One thought on “Saturday 3 p.m.: Sewing Backdrops

  1. Hahaha! I got the flikr notice in my email but was in a hurry and did not recognize what it was a picture of . . . . could not imagine and did not want to speculate. Today I saw your post and it all becomes jute-ifully clear.

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