Shades of a Strange and Early Fall

Shades of a strange and early fall

Yesterday, I’d swear I saw this tree in our backyard turn from summer to fall over the course of the day. It seemed to happen that fast.

With this summer’s drought, many trees in the area have foregone fall color altogether, their leaves having turned brown on the branch weeks ago. Now, before we even get to September, I’m seeing signs of fall color as the linden trees hint at yellow and the tops of burning bushes blush red. Just as our spring and summer seasons came odd and early, it looks like Fall isn’t waiting for the last of the summer months to end before it makes an appearance.

On my own serviceberry tree, which seemed to go from light green to peach in the blink of an eye, a closer look at the leaves illuminates the strangeness of the season. The green of the leaves has been baked out and the fall color appears to be creeping on to each leaf in a frozen wave.

As best as I can tell, our fall is a good three to four weeks early, keeping us on the same timeline as our early spring and summer. At this rate, the leaf peepers best get out there early, we could have snow by Halloween.


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